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You can call me Hal.

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My new obsession is you.

While I knew from the novel that Hook had been to public school, I did not know which one. But reading the play, I found that his last words were Floreat Etona. And indeed, here he is on a list of Fictional Old Etonians.

These are the Eton arms. I'm sure this is Hook's tattoo.

I could only see "ER" on his other arm -- "Mother" perhaps?

And another good bit from the play, in the stage directions:

There is a touch of the feminine in Hook, as in all the greatest pirates...

I saw this movie last week, I saw it yesterday, I saw it today, and there is a pretty fair chance I will see it tomorrow. I am entranced.

It's odd, though. I do not plan to write any fanfic for this film. But now I want to be all fannish about it and I'm not sure what else to do! Rave in LJ, I suppose. :)

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Dude. Hook at Eton. There's fanfic in that, even if it only exists in our minds.

Completely. :) Of course Hook isn't his real name. Do you think it was bullying that made him turn to piracy?

And now I'm thinking of Flashman at Rugby and wondering if we can fudge the dates to make them meet at a cricket match or some such.

Oh man, I was worried I was the only one! I went to see it three days in a row and I'd go again in a heartbeat. I cannot wait until it's out on DVD!

But now I want to be all fannish about it and I'm not sure what else to do!

Oh, me too! I raved about it in my LJ a bit, but I didn't get enough response to sink my teeth into. (I'm not sure there could be enough response to satisfy me at this point!) Anyway, rave away -- I'll yammer back about it until you're sick of hearing me!

It's a movie that gives me a deep-down smile. (While sounds like a euphemism for orgasm, but I swear it's not! *g*)

I admit that I wouldn't be quite so attached w/o Jason, but certainly, the movie as a whole is simply magical. Wendy, in particular, is wonderful.

I did post quite long (for me) bit about it on Xmas, which I think was a bit early for most people:

It's the sexuality that makes it work, ultimately. I'd forgotten, when I wrote that first post, how the Tiger Lily/John kiss prefigures the Wendy/Peter kiss. John goes all pink and performs a Feat of Strength.

The gender roles are problematic, of course, but I'm glad they didn't update them. The women are enablers, the men are do-ers, and all with the Power of the Kiss. But I was glad Wendy got to swash and buckle as well as kiss and tell stories.

It's interesting that the sexuality is so much more prominent here than in the play or book. In fact, in the play, Peter says that no one may touch him and there's a stage direction that no one should touch him for the whole play.

But then for him to have his sexual awakening, but *not* go back to normal life -- I don't know what to make of that at all.

I wonder what would have happened if Wendy had kissed Hook. I'm certainly not going to the special hell over this movie. Oh, no, not at all.

Eton is book-canon.

There is a mention of the "wall-game", which entirely Etonian.

You're so right. :) I found some annotations online and there's another implied Eton ref as well, something about the Pop club. But it's not explicit the way it is in the play, so I didn't know until now.

I wonder why Psmith wasn't on that list of Old Etonians. Though he didn't do his last year there, so maybe that's it.

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