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I got my ear pierced yesterday. My first piercing ever -- I never even had regular jewelry store girly pierced ears before. I had my left earlobe done: 14 gauge with a captive bead ring, which I think is about 3/4" in diameter. I think I'd like to go up to 8 gauge eventually, but early days yet.

I feel very cool now.

Over the last couple of months, I've been on a real writing jag. Even when it was going slowly, I could still sit down and do it, even if it made me swear. Intellectually, I knew that it couldn't last forever, but somehow couldn't bring myself to believe it.

Well, now I believe it. I think I'm a little burnt out. I sit and stare at my BBEdit doc and have vague thoughts and can't get my fingers to move. So, there's no use in trying. I have a lot of writing I should be doing this weekend, but today I declare Hal's Day Off.

This morning, I will read. This afternoon, I will go to a movie. But which one? Should I go see Chicago, which has powerful performances, musical numbers, and which everyone recommends? Or should I go see The Core, which is sure to have deplorable science, overwrought dialogue, and people dying hideous deaths?

The Core it is, then. Hopefully this will be as good as Volcano.

I meant to tape Fastlane last night but I forgot. I game on Fridays and between cleaning the house and taking my character up a level, and all, I find it hard to remember to set the VCR. I think this is why I wasn't watching it before.

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