Halrloprillalar (prillalar) wrote,

Lethargic me.

I've been kind of boring these last few weeks. Sorry about that. It's partly the darkness of January and partly the fact that I have a lot of writing to do before the end of the month. (I even filtered out my drabble communities for now.) I expect to be more interesting and awake by February at the latest.

Here are some of the utterly brilliant things I wanted to post this week, but never did:

1. There was an annoying kid at the bus stop today. She had a Gryffindor backpack. "Gryffindor brat," I muttered under my breath, clutching my Slytherin scarf around me and giving her my best Snape look. She didn't seem to notice.

2. I'm still making my way through B5 S4. I had a revelation. It's not Delenn and John. It's not Delenn and Lennier. It's Delenn and Neroon. My god. They are magnificent together. And when Neroon stepped into the Starfire Wheel and raised his hands and said that he was of the religious caste -- there are no words.

3. I once accidentally watched the video for that Clay Aiken song Invisible. Damn, but those are some creepy lyrics -- If I was invisible, I would watch you in your room, if I was invincible, I would make you mine tonight. (Not to mention, shouldn't that be the subjunctive?) But sometimes I get that bit stuck in my head and end up making up alternate lines:

If I was intractable, I'd be hard to push around.
If I was indelible, you'd never rub me out.
If I was inflammable, I'd set your heart on fire.
If I was ineffable, you wouldn't have to say a word.
If I was inflatable, I'd blow up like a balloon.
If I was inaudible, you wouldn't have to hear me sing.

The hard part is stopping...

4. Wesley is our King.

And I have some good mullet pics to upload, but those should get their own post. And my Fallout thoughts. And the Post About Frank Black. And and and

Bed now.

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