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You can call me Hal.

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Mullets! And other great hair!

Ah, Canada, my home and native land. Last week I was flipping through Maclean's ("Canada's Weekly Newsmagazine") and there amidst the articles on the fighting in Uganda, mad cow disease, and caribou migration, I saw this:

A two page article on hockey hair. The text of the essay is up on the Maclean's site. The photos are here. They were so beautiful that I had to scan them.

(I have to say, I pretty much want to have Jagr's babies now.)

Ron Duguay

Darryl Sittler

Mike Ricci

Jaromir Jagr

And this photo made my American co-worker ask if Wayne Gretzky and Princess Di were actually the same person:

Were they ever in the same room at the same time?