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SG: Fallout thoughts and drabble

I did watch Grace last week, but I didn't really have a lot to say about it. Fallout, however...

I am spoiler free for S7, so I had to stop the avi almost right away to do the Dance of Joy. My sweet Jonas was back!

So, Corin Nemec saw The Core too, eh? The plot was soooooooo ripped off from that. But I didn't really care. Anything that puts Jonas and Daniel in the same room, however briefly, is all right by me.

The new Kelownan hairstyle is darling. I thought Jonas looked like one of the Monkees. He's so charming.

I really enjoyed seeing Daniel do his diplomatic kung fu. And Jack being so frustrated. And that one scene where Jack is standing behind Daniel and either elbows him in the back or gooses him or something.

I never really figured out what was going on with the Goa'uld, though. What was with her sacrificing herself at the end? I hardly think True Love changed her *that* much. Though she couldn't have expected to be put into another host anyway, not by Stargate Command, so I guess she was dead anyhow.

They named the planet after yet another BC community. I have a hard enough time just dealing with seeing Kelowna in this context.

Daniel and Jonas had the loveliest convo and looks at the end of the ep. *sigh* They have The Chemistry.

But the best part was when I was recapping this ep for the Boy.

Hal: So, they have to drill down into the planet and then set off a bomb to stop this reaction that will cause the planet to blow up.
Boy: Who was it who said they had to do that?
Hal: Jonas and Sam.
Boy: What if Jonas was a former herald of Galactus and he's trying to contaminate the planet so Galactus won't eat it?
Hal: <hysterical laughter>

OK, now someone must draw a comic for me where Jonas is the herald of Galactus, imbued with the Power Cosmic.

And here's the short fic thingy. It's not a real drabble, since it's about 150 words.

Self Help

Daniel sat down beside Jonas. "I think this will help."

It was a pamphlet: So Your Girlfriend's A Goa'uld. Jonas stared at it. "This happens a lot?"

"Weeeeell...just to me," Daniel said. "And only twice so far."

Ten Warning Signs, Jonas read. One: your girlfriend tries to take over the world. Two: she's really cranky and not just at that time of the month. Three: she's started keeping slaves.

"There are discussion questions in the back. I'd be happy to go over them with you later." Daniel patted Jonas on the arm.

Jonas looked at Daniel, then down at the pamphlet, then back up at Daniel. "Or we could try this." He hauled Daniel close and kissed him.

When they finally broke apart, Daniel's glasses were askew and Jonas's hair was hopelessly mussed.

"Maybe I should re-write the pamphlet," Daniel said.

"You won't have time," Jonas said and kissed him again.


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