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Angel et alia

I haven't tested the new styles in all browsers yet, but it's basically the same as my new website which I did test, so it should be OK. Yell at me if you're having probs.

Before blathering about this week's Angel, let me pimp the little missing scene fic I wrote about last week's ep. Lilah, Wes, and content warnings. Did You Ever Think.

Angel: Release spoilers

Wes, Faith. Faith, Wes. My god, I want my spinoff. Maybe with Andrew, who can helplessly adore both of them. Just like me.

It's good to know Wesley is still dark. I was worried that the Love of a Good Woman was going to cure him. But can they really keep him there and have him work with Angel, Inc?

So, this is the third time Cordy's been impregnated with demonspawn. This seems excessive to me. And I hold by my theory that it was banging Connor that made her evil. Big Bad Baby is controlling her. It's like a metaphor. For being pregnant.

I could have done without so much Cordy and Connor. A friend observed that it's like the same scene over and over again. It's getting old. And why is Connor not freaking out over the baby and the demon-ness and all? And why does Cordy not want a baby shower?

Wesley's injection gambit was interesting but risky. What if Angel had just snapped Faith's neck instead? I don't think Faith's been bitten before. Not like Buffy the Vampire Bite Slut.

I think I'm going to watch all the Wes & Faith bits again with the sound off.

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