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You can call me Hal.

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Show me love.

It's after midnight, so Happy Birthday to me! Also Wayne Gretzky. Possibly I should celebrate by going to bed so I'm not dead at work tomorrow later today.

Completely unrelatedly, I am seeking a Brit beta. I would like to find someone that I can call on when I have an HP story of some substance to post. No fear, I wouldn't pelt you with drabbles and bits of porn. I doubt there'd be more than 6 pieces in a year. (Hey, I've got all these other fandoms too.) I would be happy to reciprocate with regular beta, if desired, or NA beta, if required, or drabbles or other forms of fannish compensation. :) If you're interested, please let me know.

I do have a story this week that I should try to get a Brit beta done for, but I'm not sure if I'll have enough time to turn it around -- I don't want to make any unreasonable demands. It's due Saturday and I've got to get it beta-ed and edited yet. I would have had more time except that I made a false start and had to scrap a week and a half's worth of work. And I blame Snape for that.

And, hey, I just want to say that I am full of fannish love these days. You're all so great. Thanks for hanging out.

Happy Birthday, prillalar!! I hope today will be full of love and happiness and other good things!

I am British, I read HP, I'm willing to beta. amchau@popullus.net

And I'm expecting to have time to do fannish stuff this week, especially Wednesday, if that helps.

Thanks so much! I'll email you. I'm not sure I'll have this draft done in time to have you look at it, but I do have some specific questions as well.

Happy Birthday, prillalar !!!

Hope you're having a wonderful day and lots of fannish love right back at you :-)

Happy Birthday!
Hope it's a good one ^_^

Have a Most Wonderful Birthday!!!

Again, Have a most wonderful Birthday. I enjoy your writing. I'm hoping you will do some more Jeremiah/Markus smut when your dance-card clears, my dear.

In the meantime, bask in all the glory of well wishes.


Happy happy birthday
happy happy birthday
happy happy birthday

We love you too, sweetheart. (:

Happy Birthday! Hope it's wonderful.

Dude! Happy birthday! :)

Erm, the flashfics are actually due in tomorrow - I mentioned the change when I sent out the assignments. Eep. Happy birthday, and sorry about the confusion.

Not to worry -- my flashfic is done and waiting to be posted. :) This is my Master&Wolf story that I've yet to complete. January has been rather busy, writing-wise.