Halrloprillalar (prillalar) wrote,


A. BitTorrent, how I love thee! There will be Stargate tonight. And what a download rate I'm getting right now! 98KB/s!!!

B. I watched the Starsky & Hutch trailer. Oh my lord. They have made a mockery of all that we hold dear. OTOH, the Season 1 DVDs will be out in March. I hope they do well enough that they put the other seasons out too.

C. Yesterday, I was reading an article on slashdot about the latest Internet Explorer exploit. No big surprise. But in the comments, someone linked to a Microsoft support article about Steps that you can take to help identify and to help protect yourself from deceptive (spoofed) Web sites and malicious hyperlinks. Here's Microsoft's solution:

The most effective step that you can take to help protect yourself from malicious hyperlinks is not to click them. Rather, type the URL of your intended destination in the address bar yourself.

Cue my hysterical laughter.

Hal's solution:

1. Don't use Windows.

1a. If you must use Windows, install Mozilla and Eudora and don't use IE and Outlook. And for the love of Carl, disable the preview pane in whatever mail program you use.

D. I like beer.

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