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You can call me Hal.

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Fic: Snape/Lupin

My story is up already, although the link from the archive is munged. But I am a geek and so I found it anyhow. Here are the particulars:

Misanthropy, Lycanthropy, and the Pursuit of Knowledge
Snape/Lupin. Approx 6500 words, PG-13. For the Master and Wolf Fest.

Challenge: Snape is making progress with the Wolfsbane potion, but to continue working on it he must have 24/7 access to Lupin to observe and record subtle changes.

Many thanks to kestrelsan for much alpha and beta and general support. Thanks to not_vacillating for UK English assistance. I didn't have time to get a full Brit beta, so any remaining errors are completely my own. No thanks to Snape, who was supremely unhelpful throughout.

Go, read, let me know what you think.

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(Deleted comment)
I adored writing Snape's dialogue. You know, I've always been attracted to sarcasm. I'm glad you thought they fit! This was all about them finding some common ground, by which I mean me working out what their common ground might be. *g*

I enjoyed that *so* very much.

The characterisation was unspoiled by melodrama - the whole piece just flowed beautifully. The unspoken comfort they took from each other felt so right, an unexpected, but needed, gift.

Absolutely satisfying.

I particularly liked Remus' walk from Hogsmead, their drawn out tussle over the book, Snape-snark about treats for being brave, and the (could be *so* annoying) library gargoyle.

I also really appreciated the little sadnesses, like the portrait probably still facing the wall - "You'll tell them I'm here, won't you?", and Remus' bag being too heavy - with just 3 books in it.

Some bits just resonated like mad - the cage, the poison tooth, Remus thinking that if Voldemort turns up he'll bite him - wolfy thoughts. And for some reason this line, "When he turned around, Snape was gone and the owl was pecking at his pork chop." was quite chilling.

I could wibble on for ages - so much of it was so good. I've been reading quite a bit of Snape/Lupin lately, and this is such a clear and quietly moving piece that it chucks most of the rest out the window.

Thanks a bunch for this one Hal. Really appreciated.

Thank you so much for such detailed comments!

The unspoken comfort they took from each other felt so right, an unexpected, but needed, gift.

I'm glad that worked. I originally followed that up with some sex, but I ended up cutting it -- the embrace was really the climax of the story and the sex just seemed tacked on.

And for some reason this line, "When he turned around, Snape was gone and the owl was pecking at his pork chop." was quite chilling.

Because it is an eeeeeevil pork chop. *g*

I've been reading quite a bit of Snape/Lupin lately, and this is such a clear and quietly moving piece that it chucks most of the rest out the window.

*grins foolishly*

This is the coolest review. Thank you again!

I loved it. And I'm glad you told us how the potion turned out.

Thank you! I couldn't leave you hanging, now could I?

(Deleted comment)
I'm pleased you liked the characterisation. There was much discussion and editing over it, so I'm glad it turned out OK. :)

He made a small, impatient sound against Remus's ear. Remus didn't move. Then the breath sighed out of Snape's lungs and he returned the embrace, his hands cold against Remus's naked back.

My favorite part of this story, because this was so perfectly Snape-like. Impatient. It's the word "impatient" that just does me in for some reason! *swooning* I adore Snape. I adore Lupin. Therefore, I adore Snape-Lupin. And I adore you for writing this and giving me an absolutely amazing story to read before bed.

Hee! Snape is stymied by Remus's refusal to engage his impatience, I think. :) I'm so pleased you enjoyed this! Thanks for letting me know.

Oh, that was really lovely, Hal. A strong sense of history (both Lupin's vis a vis Hogwarts and Lupin's history with Snape) throughout the story and a particularly believable Snape.

By the way, was that a little homage to Gilman's "The Yellow Wallpaper" in there? *g*

Thanks muchly. :) I find Snape not too difficult when I don't have to be inside his head -- he's even fun then.

And that was a little homage to the optical illusion by Akiyoshi Kitoaka on page 57 of the Jan 04 issue of Wired.

I love it! Snape/Lupin is not a pairing I normally read, but then, you can carry me through all sorts of things I wouldn't otherwise read.

(The beta in me insists on pointing out-- for when you repost it-- that
>But likely Snape really did need it for his research.
is not very British; "But Snape probably did need it" would be much better. And you've got some missing spaces:
>in the meantime,"he said
for example, and right at the end >wascompletely. Otherwise, it's fine.)

Very fine, in fact. Well written, almost sweet, and believable. :)

I'm glad you enjoyed it! As I mentioned, it's not a pairing I usually read or write either, but I enjoyed the challenge and found them oddly suited in the end.

And thanks for the notes; I'll try to remember to fix that phrase before I archive the story. (I think the spaces crept in during the posting process -- they're not in my file.)

Wonderful! I loved it. Very, very enjoyable story! Usually I'm wary when it comes to Remus/Severus, because the characterisation often seems wrong somehow. But I thought you captured them very well -- even if Snape gave you a hard time! I think it doesn't show...

Snape wasn't too hard on me in this story; it was the one I had to scrap where he was simply impossible. I'm still smarting from the indignation of it!

I'm glad the characterisation worked for you -- that's often how I feel about Remus/Snape, that it makes both of them too easily fall into a relationship. I think it would be hard for them, but ultimately rewarding.

The problem with commenting is that I seem to run out of compliments and they all come out sounding like "Very nice!"

Ehh. So -- very nice! Wish I'd written it.

The tactile descriptions are clear and solid, painting a reality. The personalities and the dialog sound to me like the characters. It's interesting to see the two of them as both terribly lonely and unwilling to admit it.

Hee! "Very nice" is always welcome. :) They both seem so solitary to me in the books. Snape, I think, probably deals with it better than Lupin. He probably doesn't need as much company. But everyone needs some contact. Aw, poor men. I'm all wistful for them now.

That was wonderful. Serious without being tragic, which is a nice balance.

I loved the owl at the end, and I especially loved the lack of 'rushing' throughout the story. It didn't feel like it needed to go any faster than it did.

Thanks. =D

Thank you. I wanted the story to have a quiet feel about it. There's enough excitement and tragedy in the books. This is about the times when it's too quiet and you need to find something to fill the silence.

That was oddly sweet. I like the stories where Snape is, hmm, accepted in all his cantankerousness without anyone succeeding in taming him.

I don't think Snape needs taming, exactly, just someone who won't enable his snark too much. He might soften over time, though. Glad you enjoyed. :)

Will you please grace us with some more Jeremiah/Markus smut?

Cause I'm Pretty? (bats eyelasses)


Maybe after I watch my DVDs. :)

I was thinking about my personal Remus today, and I realized that it's much easier to point to fics that conflict or agree with my characterization of him than to try to describe it myself. Your Remus in "Misanthropy, Lycanthropy, and the Pursuit of Knowledge," is exactly how I want to see him, post OotP. I like his wit and the way he pays attention, that he notices things about Snape.

I've never been able to decide who I think Snape really is, but I enjoy the way you've written him here. The Snape/Lupin definitely worked for me.

Possibly my favorite line:
If Voldemort comes, Remus thought, I'll bite him.

The magical message bead is so cool! I think every HP fic above a certain length should have to introduce a nifty new spell or magical object.

Thank you! We wrangled a lot over the Remus characterisation so I'm glad he worked for you. Snape is something of a cypher to me too -- I can easily see what his surface reactions would be, but deep down, I'm not sure. I hope to remedy that someday.

The magical message bead is so cool!

Hee! I'd used it in another story that I didn't finish so I was glad I could put it in here.

Hullo! The Master and Wolf fest recently moved to a new URL. You might want to re-link your excellent, classic story:


*HUGS* Thanks!

love, lore

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