Halrloprillalar (prillalar) wrote,

Your own personal Remus.

It had ocurred to me before, and was brought home when working on the Snape/Lupin, that I have very particular ideas about Remus's characterisation, more so than any other HP character. While they begin in the books, I've extrapolated a fair amount.

Not only that, but it seems to me that a lot of other people do the same thing and they don't always extrapolate in the same directions as me. Even kestrelsan and I, who often GMTA to a frightening degree, have our differences of opinion about Professor Lupin.

So when I read a story about him and find that the characterisation doesn't sit quite right with me, I sometimes realise it's just my own ideas about Remus that are being violated and not the book characterisation. But that doesn't make it any easier for me to deal.

I wonder how prevalent this is in the fandom. I think my own flist includes a lot of people who are more about the MWPP generation than the kids (I swing both ways, baby) so I doubt I could make a good judgement. But among those people, I wonder if there are more "personal Remuses" than Snapes or Siriuses.

He's a quiet man, an introvert, I'd say, and so it's harder to paint him in quick broad strokes. Unlike Snape or Sirius, he's someone I would actually want to know, to be friends with. So perhaps that makes me think about him more. He's more real than fantastic, lycanthropy notwithstanding.

Do you have similar reactions? Or is there another character you feel this way about? In other fandoms?

Some facts about Remus J Lupin, according to Hal:

* Remus is gay. He is not cheerfully bisexual. He is gay.

* Remus does not have a very strong libido. He enjoys sex, but he doesn't have to have it.

* Remus is an academic at heart, although he may not have been able to pursue that as he would have liked.

* Remus has no close family living.

* Nobody worries much about Remus; they just assume that he's fine. He doesn't ever let on that he might not be fine.

* Remus and Sirius had *something* between them. I can go back and forth on how much and when, but there was something and it must always be taken into account.

* Remus and Kingsley Shacklebolt are made for each other.

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