Halrloprillalar (prillalar) wrote,

"I see you got your shirt off."

I've been trying to compose something witty and thought provoking, but I've just ended up with a handful of randomness.

Wesley, Rogue Demon Hunter - You're Welcome

* Dead nuns. In habits. I guess they belong to the Sacred Order of Movie and TV Nuns.

* Cordy!!!!!!!! Even dead, she's still pretty. And I must say, I was suspicious about her being dead or astrally projected from the get-go.

* Cordelia's cleavage. My god. I've missed it.

* Spike is pretty, but he always seems out of place on Angel.

* Oh, Doyle. :( :( :( :( :(

* "it's not me you want to screw" -- oh, wait, that was season 2. Obviously, it still applies.

* Wes making with the Latin -- sexysexy. But he said "black arts" and I wanted him to say "dark arts". Please, Wes! Enable my Hogwarts fantasies about you.

* Shirtless swordfights? More! Please, more!

* Harmony is my evil undead girlfriend.

* I still can't figure out what the hell Lindsey was doing back. His stated reasons make no sense for where we left him and surely there were less dangerous ways to try to seduce Angel.

* I sincerely hope Lindsey will be back. This seems pretty unfinished to me.

* I don't think Wes will forget what Cordelia said about Connor.

* Overall, I thought the ep was clunky, but it had some snappy dialogue. Oh, and shirtless swordfights.

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