Halrloprillalar (prillalar) wrote,

PotC snippet (not a WIP)

I was looking for something to post for WIP day and I found this, which was actually finished. I started writing it for a pirates500 challenge back in August, but I realised that it would spoil it to edit it up to 500. I think I felt like I was fic-spamming you at the time, so I didn't post it here either.

But I like it, so here it is now.

The challenge:
Take one of the following words and use it as your theme: rain, rum, ruin, rascal

Jack/Elizabeth, PG
Pirates of the Caribbean
Not mine.


They collapsed on the beach. The moon shone down. The surf pounded the shore. Jack was drunk. Elizabeth was sober.

Jack put his arm around Elizabeth's shoulders. She leaned her head against him. The night was warm. The rum was sweet. She'd had a taste. Just one. Just two.

But Jack was drunk. Very drunk. Elizabeth looked up at him. His eyes glittered in the moonlight. She tried to count the beads in his hair. He seemed to like shiny things, like a magpie. It suited him.

Jack was talking. Talking about freedom. Talking about loneliness. About the sea. About rum. Elizabeth had another taste. The rum was warm, like the night, like the fire. Like Jack.

Elizabeth was listening to Jack's voice. It was slurred. It was wistful.

Elizabeth smiled at Jack. Jack smiled back. The fire burned. Jack leaned in to kiss Elizabeth. Elizabeth pushed him away.

"Mr Sparrow! If you think that I would kiss a rogue such as yourself, then you are gravely mistaken."

"But all the--" he gestured vaguely, "--the moon and the rum."

"It would take more than a pretty moon and a bottle of rum for me to allow such liberties from a cad."


"Yes, cad. Scoundrel. Recreant. Wastrel. Reprobate."

"No," said Jack. "Pirate."

"Rake, knave, rapscallion, miscreant, blackguard."

"Clearly," Jack said, "one of us is in error. As a -- what did you call me?"


"As a blackguard and a gentleman, we will assume for now that it is me."

"Not a gentleman," Elizabeth said. "That's the whole point."

"And a pirate can't be a gentleman?"

Elizabeth thought. "I suppose he can."

"But not me."

"No," Elizabeth said. "Not you."

"Ah, because a gentleman wouldn't kiss you, is that it?"


"Just so we're clear," Jack said and upended his bottle.

He didn't try to kiss her again. Elizabeth was disappointed.

Jack slept. Elizabeth didn't.


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