Halrloprillalar (prillalar) wrote,

Stargate S5 Roundup 1

I finally cracked my Stargate S5 DVDs. It's a bit different this time around as I've already seen some of these eps on TV. But still good.

As karmic punishment for blowing up a star, SG-1 - Teal'c + Jacob are whooshed through hyperspace to a galaxy far, far away. It turns out that Teal'c is along in Apophis's ship and he's been brainwashed. Since we know how famously weakminded Teal'c is, we have no trouble accepting this. The friendly replicators help Our Heroes defeat Apophis and zoom back to earth. Apophis is probably dead again. Daniel and Jack were really cute, playing ball and lying around.

Teal'c is still brainwashed. Apparently nobody thought to try the massive electric shocks that worked on Rya'c. No, Teal'c just gets therapy. "It's kill or cure now," Bra'tac says and rips Teal'c's symbiote out of his body. Eeeew! Teal'c has a NDE in which his whole life passes before his eyes and then there's a bright light and Elvis tells him he must go back, there's work to be done. So he does. Daniel and Jack were really cute, talking about velour.

Sam has brain sex with a hot alien stalker. Jack and Daniel are probably cute, but next to the alien, who would notice? Teal'c, though, with his cowboy hat and Star Wars tape, was cuteness personified.

I did think it was a nice touch to have John DeLancie in this ep, given the "powerful advanced alien tossed out by other powerful advanced alien" theme.

The Fifth Man
Suddenly, everyone at the base can't remember Lt Tyler, even though he's been in every other episode this season. Oh, wait, he wasn't? He's just a hot alien? Bring on the brain sex, then. Sam and Janet were really cute. They're so doing it.

Red Sky
Sam wrecks another star! She's not safe to have around. Asgard, but no Thor -- Jack and I have trouble containing our sorrow. Jack and Daniel were really cute, just generally.

Rite of Passage
Cassandra has two mommies. Could it be any more clear? Sam + Janet 4EVA!!! There's this subplot about Cassandra gaining weird powers and Nirrti showing up to drink her blood or something. It kind of detracted from the Sam/Janet romance. Jack and Daniel -- who are they again?

Every time I looked at Nirrti, I thought, "she looks like a man". And then I finally figured out *which* man. With that chin-length brunette bob, she looks just like Francesca Fiore, one of Scott Thompson's characters on Kids in the Hall. I was going to cap the ep and put up some pics to compare, but I couldn't find any pics of Francesca. But if you've seen both, you know I'm right.

Beast of Burden
I love love love the eps with Daniel and Chaka. The Unas really bring out Daniel's protective side. He's so passionate about them, about their rights as sentient beings. Even Jack must fall before Daniel's zeal. I can't think of a single snarky thing to say about this ep.

Ice The Tomb
Trapped in a ziggurat with Russians and a scary monster! Any of us could be the Goa'uld! Well, except for SG-1. Jack and Daniel were really cute, snapping at each other about opening the door.

So far, so good. More this weekend!

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