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You can call me Hal.

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Stargate: Heroes

Heroes I & II

Fuck. Why?

While I was watching, I was planning out this cool post about Baldwin and Picardo and Final Cut Pro and just fuck fuck fuck.

I'm going to have a migraine from crying.

The end.

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It's times like this I wish I wasn't a big spoiler ho, because I think I would have felt more emotional impact if I hadn't known. *sigh* Even so, it was very sad.

It totally took me by surprise. And the migraine was miserable. Bah.

Spoiler-virgin. Wasn't surprised. Hate fandom. HATE FANDOM. *sobs*

Oh, I know! I'm glad I decided to watch when I did. If I'd waited even a day, I'd have been spoiled.

Of course, I might not *still* have that headache.

(Deleted comment)
I wasn't suspicious at *all*. I very rarely think about what might happen in a show, just sit there mouthbreathing on the couch (or in this case, my computer chair) taking it all in.

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