Halrloprillalar (prillalar) wrote,

Ain't there anyone here for love, sweet love?

Ah, my loves, Happy Valentine's Day!

Last week, I was chatting with kormantic and saying I should get something done for you all for a Valentine's treat. And she told me that I give so much, I should get people to give me things instead. So I thought that was a good idea but then I forgot to post about it ahead of time, demanding tribute drabbles for Valentine's Day.

So I came up with a way to both give and get prezzies: the Drabble-Matic.

Head over, make yourself a drabble -- slash, het, any fandom -- and then post it here so I can read it.

(I should warn you, my site has been a little slow today. Figures. And let me know if you find any bugs or typos.)

ETA: Damn, I spent all last night and a lot of this morning coding this and now my host is having network problems. Sometimes you can get through, sometimes not. Damn.

ETA 2: Linking, either to this post, or to the Drabble-Matic itself, is just fine.

ETA 3: If you want to try another drabble with the same terms, just reload the result page. If you get a message asking you if you want to re-post the info, say yes. Clicking the Again button will take you back to enter new terms.

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