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1. I've added 4 new templates to the Drabble-Matic, one each by me, iamsab, campylobacter, and not_vacillating. If you want to create one, please feel free. :)

2. Here it is Lupercalia and I have no Remus fanfic for you. I just didn't have time. If I had, this is how it would have gone: Kingsley wants to do something for Remus on his birthday. Remus explains that he doesn't like to celebrate his birthday, since it falls on Lupercalia and the wolf isn't something he likes to be reminded of. He was named Remus because of his birthday and although he's not superstitious, he can't help but feel it's a cruel trick of fate that he's now a werewolf. Oh, Kingsley says. How about Valentine's Day then? So on the 14th, they have a lovely dinner and lots and lots of sex and everyone is happy. Except Snape, because he's never happy.

3. Speaking of Snape, you must see minitrog's manip of Snape as Richard III. I can't stop staring at it.

4. On Friday, I read a paper that Cory Doctorow presented at the O'Reilly Emerging Technologies Conference, 2004: Ebooks: Neither E, Nor Books. He made some very good points about the nature of e-books, some of which I thought was also relevant to fanfic. If you're interested in internet publishing and how it works alongside traditional publishing, give it a read.

Doctorow made one of his novels (I've not read any of his work, I should confess), Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom, available for download from his website at the same time as it was for sale in bookstores. Now, with this presentation, he goes one step further:

About a year ago, I released my first novel, Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom, on the net, under the terms of the most restrictive Creative Commons license available. All it allowed my readers to do was send around copies of the book. I was cautiously dipping my toe into the water, though at the time, it felt like I was taking a plunge.

Now I'm going to take a plunge. Today, I will re-license the text of Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom under a Creative Commons "Attribution-ShareAlike-Derivs-Noncommercial" license, which means that as of today, you have my blessing to create derivative works from my first book. You can make movies, audiobooks, translations, fan-fiction, slash fiction (God help us), furry slash fiction, poetry, translations, t-shirts, you name it, with two provisos: that one, you have to allow everyone else to rip, mix and burn your creations in the same way you're hacking mine; and on the other hand, you've got to do it noncommercially.

The sky didn't fall when I dipped my toe in. Let's see what happens when I get in up to my knees.

Good on him.

5. Ack! Where did the morning go?

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