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You can call me Hal.

26 January
External Services:
  • prillalar@livejournal.com
DW: prillalar
AO3: prillalar
Twitter: prillalar
Tumblr (currently inactive): prillalar

For comms: I am over 18 years of age.

Index of my Prince of Tennis fanfiction

Memories (fic, mostly)

I'm a classicist, a techie, a geek, a Canadian, and a fangirl. Literary influences include Daniel M. Pinkwater and Chaim Potok. Other influences include Guinness and sushi.

My pseudonym is from Larry Niven's Ringworld. Halrloprillalar was a female alien. Call me Hal. It's easier.

I am the cat who walks by herself and all places are alike to me.

LJ Friends Manifesto

1. Anyone is welcome to friend me. You don't have to ask me or explain yourself or anything. I'm just pleased that you have me on your list. Thanks!

2. I'm not able to friend everyone back who friends me. It's a matter of time constraints -- I'm already struggling to keep up with the journals I'm reading now. But I do check out the journals on my "friend of" list from time to time. And I never lock posts anyhow. (Well, maybe twice, but those posts were really boring.) So there's no Sekrit Stuff that only people on my friends list are seeing.

3. If I friend you, don't feel obliged to friend me back unless you want to.

4. Anyone is welcome to drop me too. You don't have to tell me why or worry that I'll be hurt or offended. People's interests change, schedules change, and maybe I'm just a lot more boring than you thought I'd be. So, no worries and thanks for hanging out.

5. Arr!